As cannabis legalization movements continue to grow around the world and the stigma of being a cannabis enthusiast grows weaker and weaker each day, here are 10 ten reasons to celebrate your favorite “stoner” friend, or 10 reasons your friends should be celebrating you if you’re their dope stoner friend!

1. They’re entertaining AF


Whether it’s being the only one to show up to your Mario Kart party, or confirming your suspicion that it is in fact OK to order pizza for the third day in a row, your stoner friend very rarely has to be convinced to have a good time. Just make sure to keep a steady supply of grade-a sativa joints and a couple bags of mini carrots on hand and you’ll soon find yourself saying ‘you know, we should do this more often.’

2. They’re super chill

Who’s the person most likely to pick a fight at the bar? If you said ‘not a stoner’, give yourself a high-five because you, friend, are correct.

While Meathead Moe and Crying Cathy are making everyone in the club extremely uncomfortable, your stoner friend is likely sitting at the end of a bar sipping a drink while dropping hilarious color-commentary on everything that’s going down.


3. They’re generous


Smoking weed is naturally a communal activity and anyone who frequents a smoke-circle knows the importance of sharing the wealth. So whether you need an emergency smoke sesh in the middle of the night or someone to share a tub of ice cream with and listen to you complain about work, odds are your stoner friend will have your back thanks to their empathy super-powers.

4. Their munchies will blow your mind


Have you ever had macaroni and cheese made out of nothing but the contents in the box and a can of beer….on weed? We have. And as much as we’re ashamed to admit it, the truth is that it was actually pretty darn good! So if you’re ever short on groceries and the fridge emptiness is stifling your cooking creativity, call up your favorite stoner friend, give their dopamine a boost with the impressive cross-joint you learned from Seth Rogen, and let them show you the ingenuity they’ve developed in countless desperate food emergencies over the years.

5. They are a human catalogue of good tv shows, movies and music



Alright, we’ll admit it, remembering shit is not generally an area of strength for your average stoner, but ask your favorite cannabis enthusiast whether they’ve watched anything on Netflix lately and observe in awe as they decompose the entire catalogue with surgical precision. Just make sure not to tell them you’ve never watched Rick & Morty unless you want to see the look of disappointment most of us only see on our parents’ faces.

6. They’re always down to hang out


Although you’ll often have to go to where they are if they’ve already partaken in a heavy Indica session, stoners absolutely love the company. Nothing could make us happier than getting a call from an old friend who wants to come over and try some of “that new rosin stuff” we made with a hair straightener at home. So the next time you’re feeling lonely, or are just up for a gay old time, hit up your favorite stoner and let them get you on their level.

7. They won’t judge you for being flighty

Let’s face it, the stereotype of a flighty stoner are rooted in some truth. Whether it’s because they accidentally got too high to  deal with the outside world (shut up, it happens), or they just plain old spaced, your stoner friend will always be understanding when you have to send that awkward apology text.

8. They’re always down for a road trip


There’s something about a good Sativa that really brings out the explorer in marijuana enthusiasts, an intense desire to connect with the world. In contrast to the stereotypical burnout sitting on the couch all day, stoners in 2017 are just likely to be posting epic Instagram pictures from the top of a mountain as from that awesome new burrito place that opened up one town over. So the next time you’re looking for something fun to do, call up your favorite marijuana brosef or brosefina and have them join you for a little day-seshing.

9. They know of all the best places to eat


Speaking of burritos, catch a stoner during daytime hours and there’ll be no need to for a mac & cheese beer sandwich. That’s because when it comes to eating out stoners are guaranteed to know all the best spots. Crafted through years of dedication to the munchie game, your favorite stoner friend will not only be able to tell you the best place to eat, but also the best dish. And no, it’s not because they’ve tried every single one (ok yes it is, don’t judge us, marijuana makes things more delicious!).

And finally, the biggest reason your stoner friend is DOPE:

10. They always have weed and they’ll never let you pay!


Any questions?


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