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We all love grandma. She used to make us cookies, take us out for ice cream, and let us get away with way more shenanigans than our parents ever did. But grandma is getting old and isn’t doing as many fun things anymore. In fact, grandma isn’t doing much of anything these days aside from complaining about her aches and pains.

Fortunately, grandma could be so much happier if she made one small tweak to her supplement regimen: grandma needs to start hitting that CBD.

Marijuana Cannabidiol (aka CBD) is a non-psychoactive Cannabis compound (meaning it doesn’t make you feel “high”) that has incredible medical benefits.

So if you’ve been noticing grandma (or grandpa, or mom and dad, or even you!) suffering lately, here are 4 reasons to consider using marijuana Cannabidiol (aka CBD).

CBD Will Help Grandma Chill

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Unlike THC-dominant strains of marijuana that may make her paranoia worse, CBD-dominant strains – be they in the form of flower, capsules, or tinctures – will likely reduce anxiety and improve mood.

CBD helps target anxiety by boosting serotonin receptor signaling, regenerating neurons in various parts of the brain, and improving cognitive functioning. In other words, CBD may not only help improve her mood, but will keep her as sharp and quick-witted as she’s always been!

CBD Will Help Grandma Heal

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It is an unfortunate reality of the human experience that after the age of 20, our bones stop regenerating fast enough to replenish lost bone tissue. This means that the older we get, the more fragile our bones become. The old Life Alert “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercials might have been comical and cheesy, but the reason they exist is far from a laughing matter. After a certain point in our lives, a simple slip or tumble that may have not even registered in our youth can lead to serious injuries.

Thankfully, research shows that CBD improves bone density and speeds recovery time in rats. Not to say Grandma is a rat, of course, but with increased clinical trials currently taking place around the world, the correlation between CBD and improved bone health is likely to continue getting stronger.

CBD Will Help Grandma Feel Better

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CBD is already helping grandma live happier and with less risk of bone fracture, but what about the inevitable aches and pains of an aging body that await us all?

Fortunately numerous studies have now shown that CBD reduces inflammation, helps rebuild tissue, and reduce pain sensations without adverse side effects. Not only is this a benefit to grandma’s general quality-of-life, but left unaddressed, inflammation can cause tissue damage and further degeneration of the body; so stop wasting the precious time grandma has left and let her know it’s time to hit the CBD!

CBD Will Help Grandma Kick The Prescription Drug Addiction

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Did you know that seniors are the most likely demographic to suffer from substance abuse and dependency?

It’s true: granny is more likely to be addicted to drugs than a 30-year-old failed drummer, and that’s really saying something! This is because unlike the drummer who is simply looking to escape the realities of shattered dreams, grandmas ailments are varied and plentiful.  From drugs for pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep and a whole host of other common ailments, grandma’s medicine cabinet can quickly start looking like Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin’s cabinet love-child. Not to mention that drug dependency can sometimes be difficult to diagnose in the elderly since symptoms of dependency and addiction closely mimic those of – well – getting old. Depression, seclusion, secrecy, confusion, and irritability are all symptoms of drug dependency and chances are, grandma is suffering from some of that, too. Fortunately for grandma, CBD capsules like the one pictured above can have been shown to reduce drug cravings and anxiety experienced by addicts.

So now that you know all about why grandma needs to hit the CBD, make sure to forward her this blog and invite her over for a nice relaxing sesh of CBD and chill!

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