Is there anything more embarrassing than having to ask your homie to roll your joint for you? If you’re tired of being that lame friend who never learned how to roll a joint the easy way , check out the detailed tutorial below and get ready to begin your life as a self-sufficient cannabis enthusiast!

how to roll a marijuana joint

Joint Rolling Supplies

Before you begin trying to learn how to roll a joint, make sure to have the following supplies on hand.

  • Marijuana (duh!)
  • A good marijuana grinder
  • Rolling Paper
  • A tiny piece of cardboard
  • A dollar bill (optional)

Tutorial: How To Roll A Joint The Easy Way

Step 1: Grind yo’ nugs

There is perhaps no bigger mistake when trying to learn how to roll a joint than doing so with flower that has not been put through a good weed grinder. Nothing will make your job as a professional joint roller than using finely ground herb, so make sure not to skip this crucial step. Not only will it make the actual process immeasurably easier, but using finely ground weed when rolling your joints will help avoid the embarrassment of trying to smoke something that has to be relit every 5 seconds. If you don’t already have the best weed grinder possible, here are a few good options for you to choose from.

Best Weed Grinders 2017

  1. Platinum Weed Grinder
  2. Black Tie Grinder 
  3. Masterdam Grinders 

Step 2: Pour It In

Once you’ve chopped up the bud using your weed grinder, lay the rollie flat with the glue strip at the top facing yourself, place the filter  at whatever end you prefer and put the freshly ground herbs inside the crease. Some joint-enthusiasts elect to fold the bottom half of the rollie in half once more, thereby creating a nice “shelf” for you to pour the bud onto, which you should do now.

Step 3: A Zig A Day Keeps The Mouth-Weed Away

Now that your zig-zag is filled with some freshly-ground herb, roll your cardboard into a small filter and place it on one of the two ends of the unrolled joint (it doesn’t matter which side you choose). Once the weed and filter are in place, it’s time to get to heart of learning how to roll a joint.

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Step 4: Rolling Rolling Rolling

Rolling a weed joint

If you’ve followed our advice of folding the bottom half of your paper in two, you should now be able to easily wrap the bottom end up over the bud and tuck it in behind it. This will allow you to then begin to roll your bud up towards the glue end.

How To Roll A Joint – Pro Tip: As you slowly roll your joint, do your best to keep “tightening” it as you go, folding any extra paper over on itself so that the final product is not too loose to burn. Getting this step right is the hardest part, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries (or a hundred) before you get it right!

Step 5: Tongue It

how to roll a marijuana joint lick tongue girl

Once you have your joint packed tightly near the top, give the adhesive strip a few quick licks and continue rolling as before all the way up.

How To Roll A Joint – Pro Tip: Make sure not to use too much saliva when trying to glue the joint closed or you’ll end up with something none of your homies will want to touch with a ten-foot poll!

Step 6 (optional): Mo Money, Less Runny

With your joint all rolled up, you can now put it in between a folded dollar bill and roll your fingers over it back and forth to tighten the joint even further and help give it that nice clean burn.

Step 7: Fire!

Now that you’ve finally learned how to roll a joint there are only two options left, turn up some classic Snoop Double-O-G and light that shizz up, or send it over to us for quality inspection; the choice is yours!

Happy 420ing, friend!

Bonus Infographic: How To Roll A Joint

how to roll a joint marijuana weed herb zigzag rollies best weed grinder