Anyone who consumes cannabis on a regular basis knows that after a little while the drug’s effects become weaker and less pronounced. Not only is this hard on the wallet, but it is particularly challenging for those relying on medical marijuana to help treat medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

And although not all users will experience the same fluctuations, if you’ve been feeling like you’re consuming more cannabis to achieve the same results, consider taking a marijuana tolerance break, or “t-breaks”, to allow your body to reset its reaction to the drug.

But before you do, check out these 7 Things you need to know about taking a tolerance break.

7 Things To Keep In Mind For A Marijuana Tolerance Break

1. Taking marijuana tolerance breaks allows the body to rid itself of a buildup of cannabinoids and, more specifically, THC. Once these ‘reserves’ are depleted, the body is better able to process the next batch, allowing you to feel the effects of the drug while consuming less of it.

weed tolerance break how to thc cbd2. The question of how long should a tolerance break be is tough to answer without knowing the specific circumstances surrounding it (How long have you been smoking? How much do you smoke per day? When was your last tolerance break? Why have you decided to take a tolerance break? etc etc).

However, generally speaking, heavy users should experience improvement after 1-2 weeks whereas infrequent smokers may be good to go in as little as 3-4 days.

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3. Tolerance breaks can even work on a daily level so the next time you find yourself chasing that first wake & bake high of the day, spending a few hours unmedicated may increase the effects of the next dosage.

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4. When taking a marijuana tolerance break, expect to experience lethargy, fatigue, and irritability, or what is known as ‘marijuana withdrawal.

These unpleasant side-effects often cause people to give up their tolerance break far too early by fooling them into thinking they require THC for energy, creativity or to be in a good mood. However the truth is that these difficulties will only stay for a short while and thus should be anticipated and dealt with before reaching your lowest state, not whilst you’re there. Continue reading for specific strategies that may help.

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5. First and foremost, as difficult as a tolerance break can be, make sure to continuously remind yourself of how much money you’ll save by no longer having to pack bowl after bowl just to catch a buzz.

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6. To overcome the negative side-effects of a marijuana tolerance break make sure to stay busy, exercise, and hydrate regularly. In fact, the busier you stay, the easier the tolerance break will be. So get off the couch and take that elusive trip to the gym, or hang out with friends, or meditate in nature. Whether you finally spend some that with that book you’ve been meaning to write, or investing more time in your work, treat the tolerance break as an opportunity to be the best you you can possibly be.


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7. And finally, once your tolerance break has concluded, make sure to take it easy during your first sesh’ back since you likely won’t need anywhere near the same amount of cannabis to achieve the same results. If you do accidentally overdo it and suddenly feel that scary level of high, consuming CBD has been shown to counteract the anxiety-inducing elements of THC.

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