With the marijuana legalization movement growing at an incredible rate, the evolution of cannabis vaporization and the portable vaporizer for dabs has also sped up exponentially. People now have more options on how to smoke concentrates such as shatter and solvent-less Rosin that you can make at home.

Thanks to this growing trend, the popularity of high-tech vaporizers and dab rigs have also sky-rocketed over the past couple of years.

dabandgo portable vaporizer dab rig rosin shatter

The Evolution of Vaporizing

Understanding the beauty of portable vaporizers starts with a quick throwback to the evolution of cannabis concentrate vaporization. High-tech “vaping” began with the dry herb tabletop and Volcano-style vaporizers and eventually led to the creation of units designed specifically for concentrates. With increased understanding, more advanced extraction methods, and space-age technology, an entirely different kind of smoking trend has emerged.

A Quick Dab on Dabs

Dabs are the concentrated forms of cannabis either in wax, oil, or budder. Concentrates are extremely potent doses of cannabis, typically containing 75% THC levels in comparison to the 15-30% levels of the average cannabis flower. To consume this new form of marijuana, a heating element such as a dab nail or “banger” is heated to around 500-650 degrees and a small amount of concentrate is placed on top on inhaled through a bong, dab rig, or portable concentrate vaporizer.

Dabbing has been around for at least a decade, with earlier practices including simply placing a dab on top of a flower or herb before smoking it as usual, or “hot-knifing” the concentrate and smoking it up through a straw. Later, butane hash oil or honey oil rose in popularity and ushered in the creation of oil rigs,  which are essentially bongs that have a nail or banger instead of the standard slide and bowl. A blow torch or a high-octane cooking flame is used to heat the pin until it’s scorching, at which point the dab is dropped on the nail and inhaled through the rig.

dab rig flame egg torch weed 420

Modern Dabbing in a World of Vaporizing

One reason vaporization has grown in popularity (aside from the intense “high” is creates) is the fact that it’s better for health than standard combustion smoking. Vaporizing avoids smoking charred plant matter making dabbing a cleaner, safer, and more effective way to inhale cannabis, particularly when smoking solvent-free rosin.

The Portable Dab Rig

The newest of the handy vaporizers is the portable dab rig. Instead of the classic nail protruding from a bowl, an electronic nail system in a portable dab rig is revolutionizing the current dabbing trend. The e-nail allows for consistent vaporization at precise temperatures that the classic hot air and convection methods simply can’t achieve. Not only is vaporization of concentrates better for your health, but their stealth and lack of reliance on an open flame make them the perfect accessory for the active dabbing enthusiast.

The Best Portable Vaporizer For Concentrates

Dab & Go portable vaporizer rig

Having released a brand new model of their portable dab rig earlier this year, the Dab & Go Portable Vaporizer combines power, convenience, and affordability that is unparalleled in the industry (not to mention how sexy it looks!)

Not only does the Dab & Go solve the temperature issues mentioned above, but the sleek and versatile vaporizer includes 3 types of nails – quartz, ceramic and GR1 titanium – to allow users to dab in whatever way they enjoy most. The Dab & Go H-Enail Portable Dab Rig can be used to vaporize any desired concentrate including rosin, hash oil, wax, and shatter.

Aside from the genius take on e-nail technology, the Dab & Go also includes the industry’s only removable ceramic heating head and comes with a beautiful carrying case that lets you toss the vaporizer in your backpack for an extended road trip or a day at the beach without having to worry about damaging the unit. Combining both durability and affordability  – the unit sells for half the price of similar portable vaporizers –  gives the Dab & Go Portable Dab Rig the title of best portable dab rig and makes it the premier portable dabber for dabbing on the go! To learn more about the Dab & Go Portable Vaporizer, check out this short video below.

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